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Principal's Page

 Krystal School of Science, Math Technology is proud to present the names of our 2012/13 outstanding, quality teachers.  Their grades are listed with their names:

Maria Avalos-1

Jeanette Baker-5

Jamie Barnhardt-6

Angela Boyd-SPED

Rayann Bunting-3

Rebecca Centola-5/6

Barbara Cerna-3

Diana Elgan-2

Brittney Follansbee-2

Brad Gates-5

Susan Gates-K

Tracy Green-K

Jared Hamilton-2

Vernette Hansen-SPED

Tami Henderson-2

Leslie Janek-K

Lisa Smith-3/4

Stephanie Owens-6

Leah Ott-6

Amy Patterson-3

Rachel Rees-1

Michelle Richardson-4

Mary Rivers-3

Anson Ruiz-5

Cindie Schmidt-4

Sheena Smith-1

Annie Vester-1

Sherry Weigel-K

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