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Parent Guidelines

The following information can be found in our Parent/Student Handbook.  However, we would like to provide some answers to some questions that you might have, regarding parental involvement.

Q:  What is Krystal’s philosophy of parent involvement?
A:  At Krystal, it is our belief that parental support and involvement in a child’s education are essential elements for improving academic achievement.  Studies have shown that parental direction, interest, and participation in the student’s educational development affect performance, attitudes and school success.  We at Krystal recognize that we can provide many opportunities for learning, but the crucial element that is needed is assistance from parents and families.  There is no replacement for the support, encouragement, approval, and love that parents can give to their children.

Q:  What is the process on becoming a parent volunteer?

A:  The first step is to complete, and submit a Parent Volunteer form.  Once that is turned-in, the school awaits the School Board's approval of your name.

Q:  What are the guidelines for parent volunteers?
A:  Below, is a bulleted list of the guidelines:

•    Volunteers must be HUSD Board approved.
•    Volunteers must dress appropriately and use appropriate language.
•    Volunteers must sign in and out in the front office.
•    We ask that volunteers leave “non-student” children at home.  It can create too many distractions in the classroom.

•    All student volunteers must sign in and out in the front office.
•    All student volunteers must have a completed and approved volunteer form.
•    All student volunteers must have a prearranged, supervised place to work and eat.
•    Parents will be notified on an individual basis if their child (student volunteer) is disruptive or engages in behavior that is detrimental to the normal functioning of the school.
•    If complaints or problems regarding a student volunteer are not resolved, the privilege of volunteering may be revoked at the discretion of an administrator.
•    Student volunteers must dress appropriately.
•    The request to volunteer must be initiated by staff members, not by student volunteers.  Student volunteers will be utilized based on the needs of the school.
•    The staff lounge is off-limits to students of all ages.

Q:  What are the guidelines for being on campus during the school day?

A:   To be on campus, you must check-in, and sign-in inside the office.  At that point, you will receive a visitor’s pass.  For student safety, no one may be on campus without a visitor’s pass.  Once your visit is finished, you must sign-out inside the office.  If your child is late, please sign-in your child in the office.  Your child will then go to class by his/herself.  Kindergarten students may be escorted back to class by their parent/guardian.

Q:  What are the guidelines for helping in my child’s classroom?

A:  If you would like to help in the classroom, you must schedule a time with the teacher, in advance.  This is due to staff meetings, classroom preparation, and because we value your time as a parent.  Scheduling in advance gives the teacher the opportunity to use the time most efficiently and productively. 

Q:  When can I meet with the teacher?
A:  If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher, you have a couple of options.  You may call the office, and the office can contact the teacher to set-up a meeting.  Or, you may e-mail your child’s teacher.  Each teacher's e-mail address is their first name.last name @hesperia.org (no spaces, all lower case).  Please note, to maximize instruction, teachers will not be able to meet with parents once instructional time begins.

Q:  Can you give some information about report cards and conferences?

A: Report cards are prepared three times per year.  In addition, as noted earlier teachers may meet with parents periodically to discuss student progress.  It is our intent to schedule a formal conference with each parent at least once a year, prior to the beginning of Christmas break.  These conferences can prove very valuable in helping us work with your child and in providing you with information concerning his or her school progress.  Please make every effort to attend these conferences. 

Q:  What if I need to contact my child (vice versa) during the school day?
A: If you need to contact your child (lunch money, jacket, forgotten homework), all communication needs to go through the office. We ask that messages from home be kept to an absolute minimum, and limited to true emergencies.  As far as students contacting home, in order to avoid classroom interruptions, students may use the phone only in an emergency.  Use of cell phones/ “texting” must follow District guidelines.

Q:  How do I change my child’s method of transportation from school?

A: For the protection of our students and at the advice of the Police Department, phone messages are not acceptable for making a change in how a student gets home from school.  “Student word” is also unacceptable.  The only way for a student to be dismissed other than what is originally agreed upon is by written request or by the parent personally coming to school.